Culture of Analytics

"If you

build it,

they will


Unfortunately, this isn't always the case.

In order to successfully upgrade to a new technology platform, adapting to a new way of working together is essential.
Your people have to:
How can you build a culture that empowers your people?

Culture of Analytics

Culture of Analytics is a comprehensive culture development program that focuses on the human component of technology adoption. By giving your people the confidence they need to make more data-driven and human-centric decisions, they learn a new way of thinking, working, and decision making.

Culture of Analytics is designed by two teams of experts - Proximo and InnovatorsBox®- who understand that adapting to a new way of working with data takes time, intentionality, and clear communication.

As a result of our program, your organization will:


Enthusiastic adoption of new technology that streamlines and simplifies tasks — consistently delivering value to you.


Successful, long-term user adoption of new technology helps your organization achieve “big picture” goals.


A culture of curiosity (over fear) that drives the daily use of data — making the culture shift strong and sustainable.

Is your organization ready to thrive?

You’ve already invested in this new technology—or are about to.

Empower your people to use it, understand why it’s helpful for them, and motivate them to play a more proactive and productive role.

For Fortune 1000s

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For Associations

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